Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign

How often do we talk about periods?We don't's a taboo,isn't it?We are told to keep it secret from others.Even from our own brothers and fathers as if it were some kind of unspeakable sin.We are secluded from our family members,we are not allowed to enter inside the kitchen, we have to wash our dish separately,We are branded impure and forbidden worshiping,becoming part of festivities and social events.There are different widespread menstrual myths in our society. Even today 89% of girls & women in Nepal use unhygienic ways to manage their cycles.It is largely because there is culture of silence around the subject.Social Empowerment by Empowering women (SEEW) have been conduting  "Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign"alongwith  promoting it's reusable Pad  to help women and girls of Nepal to manage their periods in a hygienic way.