Working Areas

Nepalese is an aggregate collection of scattered communities with multi cultural ethnic diversities that are inspiring, awesome and colorful. The scattered villages are one of the oldest dwellings this side of the Planet. These scattered villages are undergoing rapid transformations and cultural, ethnic and traditional parameters are being challegnged by the urban, modern and new thoughts that are creating a paradigm shift into the living patterns, attitutes and mindset into a globalized setup. SEEW wants to spearhead the development processes by empowering women and girls who are deprived of self will and imposed upon by traditionslly hierarchial barries throughout Nepal.
Though self sufficient and self reliant Nepalese women and girls have not adequately made progress as compared to horizontal ethnicities and people of the neighbouring countries. Probably they are the victims of 'darkness below the light'. The cultural and religious perspectives of the Nepalese dwellings are predominanted by ancient religious ethics,; patriarchy, male dominance is commonly accepted culture deeply rooted in each household. The women abide and have little or no objection due to lack of consciousness awareness about women's issues and women's rights. Therefore despite being in the 21st Century the women/girls of Nepal habor and are guided by 18th Century logic and ethos. SEEW wants to 'bridge the change' and transform lives of as many women/girls as possibly could.